Casement Windows / Multi-Point Lock System Casement Windows / High Performance Folding / Sliding Door

  • High Performance Window

The Casement window is available as fixed, with top or side openers.

  • Multi-Point

The multi-point lock system casement window comes with a multi-point bi-directional steel locking mechanism which ensures more secure, good water tightness performance, wind-resistance, air tightness, noice insulation and heat resistant property.

  • High Performance Folding Door / Sliding Door

The high performance folding door have high insulation performance and safety coefficient, good fire retardancy and sound insulation property.

Tempered Glass / Shower Screen

  • Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass and does not break into sharp fragments when struck which ensures more secure, wind-resistance, heat resistant and available in various attractive designs and patterns.

  • Shower Screen

Shower screen add in more space and clean look.

Sun Louvers / Aluminium Curtain Wall / Aluminium Strip Ceiling / Aluminium Grille / Aluminium Louvers

  • Sun Louvers

The sun louvers blocks out 60 to 90 percent of UV light but light is seen clearly and not tinted but its brilliance is lowered. It also ensures the curtains do not get damaged from UV rays.

  • Aluminium Curtain Wall

Aluminium Curtain Wall is a protective layer affixed to the outside of a building protecting its structure. It being air resistant and allowing water infiltration.

  • Aluminium Strip Ceiling

The aluminium strip ceiling can be attributed to the high strength, resistant to aggressive environment such as high humidity, water resistance and is very simple and requires no cost.

Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet / Aluminium Shoe Cabinet / Aluminium Wardrobe / Insect Mosquito Door Window Mesh Screen Sticky Tape Net

  • Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet

The aluminium kitchen cabinet can with stand all climatic conditions without being affected, it also water proof, fire proof, insect proof and long lasting.